First time commissioning animated content?

If you are reading this and have never commissioned work before this is the post for you!

It can feel like a daunting task approaching a studio and asking for work to be created! Don’t worry we’re here to make┬áthe process as clear and simple as possible. We have extensive experience working with new clients exactly in your position. We offer a full service from concept to delivering the final polished work in whatever format you require. Not sure what format means don’t worry we’ll guide you throughout and answer the many questions you’ll have throughout the process. We want you too feel comfortable asking anything however daft it may seem. For us it’s really important that you feel part the process and at the end of the day we need you to be invested to facilitate us to produce the best possible work and for you to be completely satisfied with the end result.

You may not feel you’re creative and therefore won’t have much to contribute this is simply not true and it is our job to present different ideas through discussion and visually through mood boards and/or storyboards so that you’ll know exactly how the final content will look and feel.

The start of the process of commissioning digital content is contacting us either by filling in the form on our contact page or sending us an email: [email protected], alternatively if you prefer you can phone us on the numbers listed on our website and speak to either Pete or Ewan directly.

However you contact us we tend to organise either a face to face meeting or a video call just so we can find out more about your project and ask some initial questions such as:

  • A brief overview of what you require?
  • Do you know what style of animation/film you are looking for?
  • Is there a specific date you need the content for?
  • Budget

You might not have answers to all our questions at this stage don’t worry we can talk through everything and receive answers later.

Once we know enough about your project we can provide a proposal and a breakdown of our costings if required.

If the project gets the green light we’ll move onto the next stage which is development, we will ask if you have anything such as logos or anything else that you are able to provide. It might be you don’t have anything which again isn’t an issue as we can make anything from scratch. There might be a requirement for us to assist with developing a script and/or storyboard for you and your team to review and provide any feedback. Once the script and storyboard are signed-off we move onto the production stage. If a voiceover is required we will either use a dummy one or have a professional one recorded. It’s important to have this done know as the voiceover will determine the pacing of the animation. We will then produce a first draft of your animation, it may be a very rough version depending if it’s 2d or 3d and how much pre-production work was required. This will be the first time you will see your idea coming to life! At this point in the production we expect the most changes. With your feedback we will make any required amends and after this it should only be minor amends that are required.

After the animation has been signed-off we will produce final versions in whatever formats are required depending on how the animation will be specifically for online, social media or a particular format for a specific piece of equipment.

Now the project is complete and you can pat yourself on the back for surviving the process and now have a fantastic animation to boot! We hope this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship and we will keep coming back to us in the future!

Thank-you for reading and we can’t wait to hear from you and being your ideas to life.