Creating engaging content for patients and staff in the NHS.

We have created content for a number of NHS health boards across Scotland. The work tends to be to either education patients or staff sometimes both. This type of work is really rewarding to be involved in as it has a wide audience and we feel is the perfect medium to communicate at times complex, detailed information in an easily digested format.

Often we are working with specialized staff members who don’t have previous experience creating visual content. Therefore an important role we play is to guide them through the process from initial ideas to providing the final content. Here a few examples of the wide range of work we have produced for the NHS.



Working with the respiratory care team at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde they required us to produce a series of films to educate patients how to perform respiratory treatments and self management which was funded by the Scottish Government therefore would be available throughout NHS Scotland.



We produced an extensive series of education modules that form part of the ongoing staff education programme. Formally this training was provided by staff on training days but this was being transferred to online training which allowed staff to access the modules at anytime. We were provided with all the training material and had the complex job of transferring it over to filmed and digital motion graphic content.

We have already discussed the Violence & Aggression modules in our work pages (link: We also created modules for the safe practice of Moving and Handling. This involved filming in several locations across the hospital campus. This footage was then edited into the modules and combined with text and motion graphics to illustrate the various teaching objectives.



Working closely with NHS Lanarkshire’s Public Health department and holding workshops with focus groups which contained the 16-24 demographic target audience. We created an infographic style animation ‘Health b4 pregnancy’ to promote the key messages of Preconception Health in an entertaining and engaging manner. Members of the focus group were involved in the approach and style adopted, learnt about the animation process and recorded the voiceover in a professional recording studio. A launch night was organised so everyone involved was able to watch a preview of the film before it was launched online.


Being a patient in hospital can feel daunting and frightening. This film’s objective was to inform patients what to expect during their stay and discharge from hospital and the support they should expect along the way in a fun and entertaining manner.