New Brand, Showreel & Website…

Over the last couple of years much has changed at Touzie Tyke as has for everyone!

From having to stop working at our studio in Film City due to Covid restrictions for an extended time we quickly adapted, which luckily for us wasn’t too difficult being a boutique digital studio. Working from home had its challenges, remembering home schooling of the kids brings back a shudder!

We decided to change our structure and built a couple of garden studios where we spend the majority of our time working, throughout everything this has been a really positive change, it allows more flexibility in how we work and has greatly improved our work/life balance. It even allowed for a few new furry members to join the team.

continue to keep a base in Glasgow at Film City where it all began and where we can have client meetings but we have continued to embrace video calling and find it to be a much more time efficient way to work. Of course from time to time there continues to be a requirement to meet clients, do site visits and go on location to direct filming.

With all these changes we thought it was a perfect time to look at how we communicate what we do. We thought the best way to do this was to start from scratch with a brand new website that really spoke more about who we are and how we work. We became really despondent with social media and felt the pressure of having to constantly post content was one too time consuming for a small studio and secondly we found the medium didn’t lend itself to communicating in a more detailed fashion like this which we feel is more worthwhile. We will still use social media but more to share visual content which will link back to this website for more info.

Of course a new website requires new branding they go hand in hand!

Previously we found Touzie Tyke was a lot of letters to fit into a logo it was fine for letterheads etc but never really worked well for the required smaller versions for social media and viewed on devices such as phones. Therefore we decided to drop all the vowels and play around with what’s left! This approach allowed for much more flexibility and most importantly enable us to animate it in endless variations. Below is where we started:

We ended up keeping with the more abstract lettering and use it both in horizontal and staked formats. As folk have previously struggled with how best to pronounce Touzie Tyke we thought a wee helping hand would be useful.