Provost Skene’s House

We were awarded the contract to interpret the designs of Studio Arc for several interactives to form part of the redevelopment of Provost Skene’s house, into a museum celebrating Aberdonians and their achievements and influence across the world.

Initially there was a period of research and development to consider how best to approach and bring to life the requirements of each component. There was an approval process between Studio Arc & the project team from Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums. Once final sign-off was completed we began the process of creating the content.


The first section the visitors enter is the Hall of Hero’s. Within the vaulted space, life size busts on plinths are projected from below with animated content. The key aim is to elevate and portray the personality and achievements of each hero. Supporting informative content is projected onto the wall behind each bust.



The design and programming of a multitouch table to accommodate four users.The multitouch table will be a key element within a new display exploring eight medical scientists, each responsible for a world changing advance in the field of medicine. Visitors will discover the work of each of medical expert through exploring a human body represented on the table.


Interactive touchscreens – A quiz aimed at young people and families have to answer multiple-choice questions to find out which type of scientist they could be.


A fabricated table with the map of the world engraved onto the surface is the centre piece when the viewer first enters the top level of the museum.

A projector is positioned above the table and an animation plays on a loop introducing the trailblazers who are featured in the surrounding space. A speaker is positioned discreetly close-by, and the soundscape created by us plays in the background creating an immersive experience.