BBC 2 – Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

We were approached by BBC Studios to craft the GFXs for series 4 of the travel series Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby, where presenters Giles Coren and Monica Galetti roll up their sleeves to work alongside staff in some of the most extraordinary hotels across the globe.

The GFXs required were overlay animations over footage of the hotels featured, designed to illustrate different features and aspects of each establishment.

Our team collaborated closely with the production crew to seamlessly integrate visually striking graphics that highlight the unique offerings of each hotel. These bespoke GFXs add a layer of visual storytelling to the series, enhancing the viewer’s experience.

Discover the world of luxury hospitality with Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby Series 4, where our GFXs bring to life the extraordinary features of these exceptional hotels.

Catch the latest episodes on BBC to embark on a global journey with Giles and Monica.