Canadian War Museum

Working in collaboration with Nomad Exhibtions and the Canadian War Museum exhibition team we created content for several sections of the Highland Warriors exhibition.

Part of the exhibition are two large oil painting illustrating two battles that took place. Our brief was to bring these paintings to life and tell the stories of the individual soldiers who were depicted in the battles.

Using very high-res images of the paintings we painstackingly divided it into multiple layers, which allowed us to move around the painting and focus on different areas within it. We added other elements such as smoke & fog to add atmosphere and make the animaitons more immersive.

Swords and weaponry formed a section of the exhibition, we were tasked to create a large number of animations to form an integral part of the Donald McBane Swordman Interactive, working closely with the developer to produce swordsman fighting with a variety of different weapons in an attacking and defensive way. We firstly had to hand draw the characters using the same aesthetic of the other illustrations contained within the book. Then animate the different body parts and weapons to allow the developer to programme them together within the software to create the interactive.