Channel 4 – The Great Home Transformation

We were approached by BBC Studios to create all the GFXs for a home improvement show with a few unique differences from the usual format. The series commissioned by Channel 4 and made in partnership with Ikea.

Emma Willis and Nick Grimshaw team up as they set about transforming family homes across the country in just three days with the help of one life-changing truck.

Involved from an early stage we worked very closely with the production team throughout all aspects of the project. A specially commissioned truck that transforms into a variety of rooms for each make-over was the first aspect of the production we had to create designs for. We were tasked with creating the series logo and the general look of the outside and certain aspects of the interior. As it will take a number of weeks to spray the truck and fit it out this had to be completed within a very tight deadline. This was further complicated by the complex approval required by the production and editorial teams, Channel 4 and Ikea.

Another unique feature of the programme was the use of heat maps technology. Specialized cameras were installed around participants homes to build a picture of how they lived used their living spaces. We then had to interpret this footage and complex information provided and devise a creative approach to visualise the results.

As the episodes were being edited it was decided that were would be a need to produce floor plans of each home used in the series to assist the viewer with understanding the layout of each home before and after the transformations.