collection HQ

We were tasked with developing and creating two animations highlighting the benefits of using collectionHQ and cHQlite. The animations inform the viewer how public libraries can use the two solutions to harness library data analytics to provide librarians with a toolset that supports efficient, effective, and evidence-based collection management.

Working closely with the client, scripts were developed aiming to keep the films around the 60 seconds mark so that they could be used both on the website and to ensure they were also social media friendly.

Once the scripts had been finalized work on storyboarding begun. We believed a stylized 3D approach would really allow the animations to stand out from the crowd and differentiate from the competition happily the client agreed with us.

You will notice from the sample of stills from the cHQlite animation that there weren’t many changes from storyboard to final animation.

Working with the collectionHQ brand colours we developed the characters and environments that engage the viewer and create a dynamic and insightful animation.

Simple but quirky character designs allowed us to show a range of emotions and when placed in a vibrant 3D environment gave us the freedom to dynamically move around people and places and conceptually show the back end work provided by collectionHQ.