For a number of years we have worked with Jacobs Engineering Group an American international technical professional services firm. The company provides engineering, technical, professional and construction services, as well as scientific and specialty consulting for a broad range of clients globally, including companies, organisations, and government agencies.

Recently they undertook a complete brand overall using the services of New York based global branding agency Siegal + Gale. We were approached by Jacobs to be involved with creating all the motion graphic content that would be required as part of the rebrand. This meant we were involved during the development process. Working in collaboration with Jacob’s creative team and Siegal + Gale we created a suite of motion graphics that worked in harmony with all the rebranded content.

We were also tasked with producing a set of templates that were available to Jacobs internal graphics and video teams throughout the group to ensure that they could use the assets in their content and ensure it met the brand guidelines.