Mackintosh at the Willow

As part of the world-class exhibition and visitor centre for Mackintosh at the Willow, adjoining the original Willow Tea Rooms we created content for several digital interactives.

Combining a projected plate and touchscreen menu the first allows you to see what would have been on the menu in the original Willow Tea Rooms. Two games challenge you to buy a birthday meal within budget and the other to identify what dish to serve.

There was a lengthy research and development phase to re-create foods that are no longer eaten. All the foods were modelled, textured and animated in 3D to make them as realistic as possible. As some of the food was pretty gory we animated in some fun elements.

As part of the games involved the food being hidden and then revealed it was vital that the 3d effect was maintained to create some magic and performance to the interactive. To achieve this all the elements we projected onto a real plate using projection mapping. There was a lot of trial and error to get this right and create the effect that was required but it was well worth it in the end.