National Museums of Scotland – Adventure Planet Gallery

We were invited to be involved with the redevelopment of the popular Adventure Planet gallery at the National Museum of Scotland (NMS) which has recently reopened to the public. A revitalised, immersive space where the attraction’s younger visitors and their families can explore and learn about the natural world.

Working closely with Studio Arc who redesigned the overall exhibition we were tasked with creating the interactive content for the exhibits. We designed and animated the content whilst PixelStag took care of the interactive side of things. We had various meetings with various experts from NMS to ensure the content were creating accurately portrayed the natural world.

Fish Camouflage – Projects a marine environment onto the floor of the gallery, multiple visitors use a touchscreen to learn about how fish can camouflage themselves from predators. They then design their own fish and see which one will survive!

Food Pyramid – An interactive game played on a touchscreen that reinforces the vital interdependency of marine life within an ocean food pyramid.

Beach Clean – A digital touchscreen positioned within a 3d sand bucket. Players a presented with a series of items and they have to decide if they are part of the natural environment to be left in situ or cleaned up. After completing the game they will be given a score.

Dino Dig – A hip height display which contains two large encased interactive screen which allows multiple players to engage in the active process of uncovering a fossilised dinosaur skeleton.