The National Wallace Monument

As part of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the The National Wallace Monument a new exhibition was created.

We were commissioned to create the content for the ‘Our Stirling Landscape’ interactive which allows the visitor to see the view as it is today, and then see it as Wallace would have seen it in 1297.

Drone footage was shot to create today’s view and provide a sense of place and time. We then matched this perspective in 3D and then re-created the landscape of 1297. This part of the process required extensive research to ensure that all the elements were true of the time. From trees, boats, crops that were grown and even how the shape of the river was altered to facilitate settlers living off the land.

Once this was complete we had to devise a slow seamless transition method to move between the two landscapes, this was a challenging process to achieve.

Finally sound design was added to further immerse the viewer into the two very different ages.

Certain elements in both scenes were animated such as an aeroplane in today’s scene and many more for the past such as cows, a boat and settlers moving around their land.

Finally the developer added the interactivity using a joystick at one of the three interactive screens you can fly around the landscape and to find out more about each landmark.